This "Occasional Report of the Australian Museum No. 1" is, in large part, a summary, by multiple authors and edited by H. F. Recher and W. F. Ponder, of a symposium held at the Australian Museum, Sydney, 30 November–1 December 1979...

Introduction: A Symposium concerning Lord Howe Island was held at The Australian Museum on 30 November to 1 December, 1979. The aim of the Symposium was to provide an opportunity for scientists engaged in research on Lord Howe Island to present their studies and discuss these with other scientists and with persons interested in research on the island.
Approximately 50 scientists attended the three scientific sessions and about 100 persons gathered at an open forum at the end of the Symposium. The forum was arranged to enable members of the public with an interest in the island, and the residents of Lord Howe Island present at the meeting, to discuss the island's future with the benefit of advice and information from scientists who have studied the island's geology, ecology and wildlife.
Twenty-four papers were presented in the scientific sessions. The Symposium represented the first occasion on which scientists engaged in research on the geology and biology of Lord Howe Island met and exchanged views about the evolution of the island's flora and fauna, its geological history, and the effects of human settlement on the landscape. Four papers (Dowden, Clark, Rooney and Pollard) dealt with issues of land management, tourism, and marine conservation. The summing up papers by Dr. J. Paxton and Dr. H. Recher focused on the need to make the results of scientific research available to persons responsible for the management of the island's natural resources. Because of the importance of Lord Howe Island and the diverse nature of the research conducted on the island a permanent record of the proceedings was considered desirable. The papers presented are summarized in the abstracts in this publication together with summaries obtained from scientists unable to attend the meeting. [Ed. Recher and Ponder].
Authors of sections are: G. J. Bowden, S. Clark, F. M. Climo, H. Cogger, P. M. Davidson, H. J. de S. Disney, T. J. Done, H. Dowden, B. J. J. Embleton, J. W. Evans, P. J. Fullager, E. S. Gaffney, M. R. Gray, L. S. Hall, D. F. Hoese, G. Holloway, P. Hutchings, S. C. Kingston, T. J. Kingston, T. Kraft, J. K. Lowry, J. S. Lucas, D. K. McAlpine, I. McDougall, B. Miller, J. R. Paxton, C. V. G. Phipps, J. Pickard, D. A. Pollard, W. F. Ponder, H. P. Ramsay, H. F. Recher, P. V. Rich, S. Rooney, H. Shannon, R. Shannon, C. N. Smithers, J. Stanisic, B. C. Stone, D. B. Stone, G. F. van Tets, J. E. N. Veron.

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Recher and Ponder, eds. 1981. Published by Aust. Mus. pp viii+72
H. F. Recher; Winston F. Ponder
Lord Howe Island: a summary of current and projected scientific and environmental activities
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